Smart Home Alarms - 3 different kinds of sensors explained

Have you heard of wireless home alarm systems? A wireless home alarm system usually consists of a base station and a number of sensors connected to it. As soon as a sensor is triggered, it sends a signal via radio to the base station and the alarm is activated.

Wireless systems are popular popular because they allow remotecontrol of the systemcontrol of the system via a mobile device.. This makes it easy to connect them to other smart home features such as lighting, video surveillance and thermostats.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing an alarm system for your home: The home alarm system is probably at the top of most homeowners' list. But deciding what type of sensors to install is also very important, because they are the most important component of your home alarm system.

There is a wide range of alarm sensors that can help monitor your home to keep you safe - whether you are out, sleeping, or just enjoying your free time at home.

Efficient alarm sensors will detect any intrusion and can Most of these sensors will even send alarm notifications to your smartphone so you can take immediate action.

We would like to introduce Here, we would like to introduce you to the 3 different types of sensors that are perfect as home security systems to protect your home in the best possible way:

1. passive infrared motion sensors.

The PIR motion detectors are the most commonly used by homeowners. The term passive means that these detectors do not emit any radiation themselves and only receive radiation emitted by objects. ( PIR sensors can detect both Changes in ambient temperature as well as body heat efficiently. When these sensors detect a rise in temperature due to the presence of an intruder or foreign object, the alarm is triggered.

Please note that infrared heat rays cannot penetrate through glass, so the alarm will not be triggered by the presence of people or animals on the other side of the patio door, for example.

How does the PIR motion detector work?

The pet-safe PIR-910 motion detector from Chuango is equipped with two probes to improve detection accuracy. The alarm system is triggered only when both probes detect a moving object. Movement caused by animals is ignored, reducing the likelihood of a false alarm. With Chuango's PIR-910, your pet (under 25 kg) can move completely freely!

Home Alarm Systems Passive Infrared Motion Detector

2. window/door contact sensor

A contact sensor is an important part of home alarm systems and one of the easiest ways to burglar-proof your home. Contact sensors notify the base station when doors or windows are closed or opened. They can be placed anywhere on windows, doors, or even desk drawers and cabinets. TheoretisTheoretically, they are suitable for all objects that can be opened and closed.

How does a contact sensor work?

A Chuango DWC-102 door/window sensor consists of two parts, a transmitter and a magnet. The two parts are designed to use magnetic fields and track door movement. The magnet is installed on the door or window, while the other part is attached to the frame. When the door or window is opened, the contact between the transmitter and the magnet is broken and the contact sensor sends a signal to the base station.

What belongs to an alarm system?

For starters, a security set that includes a base station, a door/window sensor, a motion detector and a signal amplifier is suitable. To meet your security needs and the size of your home, you can add more components later.

Home Alarm Systems Alarm Sensors Window/Door Contact Sensor

3. water detector
Water damage is more common than you might think. "Every 30 seconds, a pipe bursts", is the estimate of the Association of German Insurers. And in most cases, repairing the damage is not the end of the story: after the fact, even those with good insurance can face immense costs.

How does a water detector work?

A water detector is a special electronic device with moisture-sensitive sensors
. As soon as these detect the presence of water, they trigger an alarm at the base station. Thanks to a water detector, you can even detect a hidden leak in a ceiling, water heater or pipe that could otherwise go unnoticed for months and cause great damage.

The Chuango WI-210 water detector features two flooding sensors that are sensitive to moisture. When liquid reaches the detector's two probes, a radio signal is sent to the base station, which in turn triggers an alarm.

Home alarm systems Alarm sensors Water detectors


Since an attempted burglary or water damage can occur in any home at any time, everyone* should be prepared for it to avoid having to deal with costly consequences.

An inexpensive home alarm starter kit like the Chuango LTE-400 is perfect for getting started. Included in the kit are a base station, two door/window sensors, two remote controls and a pet-friendly PIR motion detector. It should be noted that the Chuango alarm system can be customized and expanded at any time.

Not only the already mentioned motion sensors, contact sensors and water detectors are part of the smart home security, but also other accessories such as Indoor- and Outdoor sirens, Keypad or a WiFi camera. You can connect up to 50 devices in our DreamCatcher Life app to customize your smart home system to your own personal security needs and the size of your home.

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