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In our DreamCatcher Life app you can operate and automate all our smart home products. From here, all devices and all functions can be reached in just a few clicks. Even the setup of the devices is done in a few steps with the help of the app.

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(DreamCatcher) Life, Simplified & Automated

With our DreamCatcher Life app, you get to reimagine your dream home and redefine smart and secure living! For example, after you or your loved one leaves for work, your smart lights automatically turn off, the vacuum cleaner starts cleaning, and the security system is already on guard. If and when an alarmed event is triggered, your camera sends you a push notification for real-time viewing or records a short clip in case you missed that notification. Your life is made simpler and better, with just a few swipes and taps.

Smart Shortcuts

As your smart living evolves, so will the number of your devices (we secretly hope!). Within DreamCatcher Life, the device list is actually more than just a status display. Each device comes with four shortcut buttons for your frequently used functions, so that you can quickly organise and adjust without going to the home page of each device. Our technology grows with and adapts to your family needs.

Smart Security

With DreamCatcher Life, you can remotely set up and control your security system, receive alarm notifications in real time, view historical records, establish your routines and rules, and much more.

Smart AI Camera

When the camera detects human-shaped movements or sounds similar to baby crying, it sends you a real-time notification and records a short clip for archival (microSD card included; cloud storage optional). While it works perfectly on its own, the camera can also be used with your security system to visually confirm what goes on in your smart home.

Smart Light Control

With our smart lightbulbs and DreamCatcher Life, only your imagination is the limit. Start experimenting according to your mood, taste or whatever the special occasion might call for. Shine on!

Smart Scenes

Whatever tickles your fancy, DreamCatcher Life enables you to multitask and customise various scenarios. The app Works with Siri® Shortcuts and is compatible with Amazon Alexa®, so you can activate your desired scene through your voice and Siri or Alexa.

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Simply scan the QR code and there you go!