Good surveillance cameras should have these 6 functions

When people talk about surveillance cameras today, they no longer just mean the large electronic objects used out on the street. Modern, smart security cameras are also perfect for home surveillance. They give you a quick overview of your premises without having to worry about burglars. In addition, modern, smart surveillance cameras offer other useful services in the home - for example, as an intercom system for the front door or as an alternative to baby monitors. Or have you ever experienced a situation where you ask yourself, "Did I close the windows and turn off the lights or not?" With the convenient smart security camera, you don't have to worry about that anymore.

However, there are many smart security cameras from different brands and different types, all with different functions and at different prices. Which camera is the best for you? What makes a good security camera? In this guide, we would like to show you why a good security camera should have these 6 important features.

1. a large field of view

If you only want to monitor the entrance area, a narrower field of view of 90 to 140 degrees is sufficient. However, such a field of view is usually very limited. If you want to keep an eye on your garden or a very large room, you need a larger field of view to better monitor the entire area. In the best case, the camera is able to move its lens in all directions. This way, it can capture almost everything within a 360-degree radius.

Such a camera, which rotates automatically and has a large field of view, saves you the trouble and expense of putting several cameras together in one room.

Good surveillance cameras should have these 6 functions

2. qualified protection class for outdoor cameras

Protection class is primarily important for surveillance cameras. The protection class of a camera is indicated in the combination IPxx, where the first value indicates protection against dust (protection against contact and foreign bodies) and the second indicates protection against water penetration (protection against water). The abbreviation IP stands for International Protection. It is also commonly referred to as Ingress Protection, which translates to protection against ingress (source). E.g. IP65 means that the camera has complete protection against contact and is protected against water jets from all directions. In addition, its housing is completely dustproof.

Outdoor surveillance cameras
must be protected from rain, dust, vandalism, cold and heat. In winter temperatures, it is especially important to protect the camera lens from fogging or icing. Most often, outdoor surveillance cameras are awarded IP65 or IP66 protection classes. Then they are fully protected against dust and water jets (source).

Indoor cameras
do not need to have such a high IP protection rating, as indoor applications do not require high-quality protection against water penetration or fine sand dust. Therefore, indoor surveillance cameras with IP20 protection class without moisture protection are sufficient for dry living spaces.

Good surveillance cameras should have these 6 functions

3. recordings even in the dark: night vision.
For those who want around-the-clock surveillance, a good security camera needs to provide high-quality footage both during the day and at night, and offer some sort of night vision (built-in lighting) feature. Rather than just seeing shadows and barely noticeable features, night vision actually allows you to see enough detail to assess what's going on. E.g. It can be determined what is making a noise outside or knocking over a trash can in the backyard.

The night vision feature is also especially helpful for moms and pet owners. Imagine no longer having to get up as soon as you hear your baby crying in his sleep. Or you won't have to leave the room immediately to check when you hear your pet knock something over. Instead, you can just stay in bed, pick up your phone and check out the situation via the smart app. This way, you can keep an eye on your house and your loved ones even when it's dark.

4. secure recording and storage: data protection.
There are different recording options via cloud or memory card.

There are surveillance cameras with memory card. Some users also use their own PC or hard drive to store the surveillance camera videos. Let's name the Chuango PT300Q indoor camera as an example. With the built-in microSD card slot, you can record up to 128GB of video 24/7. Of course, so you don't have to watch everything in real time, motion-triggered events are highlighted. But one downside is that the footage can be lost if burglars destroy or steal the camera. (Source)

Many surveillance camera vendors advertise that they store recordings in the cloud so that they are available regardless of location and from any Internet-enabled device. This feature looks good at first glance, but please check if the transmission of livestream and storage of your video is encrypted before buying. Encrypted data transmission between the surveillance camera and the cloud storage server is important to prevent criminals from hacking the camera and gaining access to the surveillance footage. (Source)

To further protect your privacy, our Chuango PT-300Q indoor camera features an additional "privacy mode". In private mode, the camera lens is mechanically covered so that no recording can take place.

Good surveillance cameras should have these 6 functions chuango

5. human movement detection by AI algorithms.
A popular feature of a video surveillance camera is motion detection. Surveillance cameras can detect motion in three different ways: by motion detection, by PIR sensor, and by AI algorithms.

Motion Detection is a software solution that is either part of the camera software or can be installed externally on the computer. In contrast, the PIR sensor is a fixed component integrated into the camera. It detects motion based on temperature changes. Therefore, it generates fewer false alarms than motion detection monitoring. (Source)

Good surveillance cameras with AI algorithms react to relevant movements and can distinguish between moving human objects and other objects such as pets, branches moving in the wind or plastic bags flying around. It would be even smarter if the camera did not record continuously, but only when it detected human movement. This feature saves power and storage space, and avoids giving you a bunch of irrelevant video footage.

The Chuango PT-300Q camera has just such a smart surveillance feature: you can use the app not only to look into the far corners, but also to record rooms, movements or sounds! Thanks to the device's built-in artificial intelligence, you'll automatically receive a real-time notification on your phone with up to 15-second video clips as soon as any noticeable movements or sounds are detected by the camera.

Recognition of human movements by AI algorithms

6. two-way audio: intercom.
Two-way audio, often called intercom or intercom, is a composite of two microphones and speakers, respectively on the surveillance camera and on the smartphone. (Source)

A good security camera with a two-way audio function can also be used as a phone (with video), doorbell or baby monitor. You can use it to communicate with your loved ones at home at any time, soothe children or pets with your voice, or communicate with visitors standing outside the door. Or you can even prevent crime by making a noise. Someone acting suspicious and staying outside your house for a long time will be deterred by it.

Two-way audio: intercom

A good security camera will allow us to keep an eye on everything at home even when we are away, stop the intentions of burglars and talk to our pets at home. Before you buy a surveillance camera, you should check if it really has the 6 important features mentioned in this article.

Our Chuango PT-300Q smart camera not only has these 6 important features, it is also easy to install, inexpensive and can be shared with other Chuango smart home devices. For example, the camera will detect a person's movement and the smart light bulb will light up automatically!

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