Watch out, burglars! 6 safety tips for women living alone

The Federal Statistical Office has summarized the results in a new report entitled "Living Alone in Germany. In 2011, 15.9 million people lived alone - that's 20 percent of those over 18. Only in Sweden is the proportion of single-person households higher. Single women over the age of 65 make up the largest share of one-person households - there are over four million of them. Most of them are widows. News stories continue to report burglaries among elderly women living alone. Since 2004, an elderly woman from Hagen has experienced four burglaries in her home; she dies during the fifth burglary. This is not an isolated case, there are many similar cases of elderly women living alone who have had money stolen and more or less serious injuries inflicted.

In today's world, living alone has become the norm for many young people. There are many reasons why they choose to do so. Some live alone in big cities because of their work situation or female students live in their place of study. On the one hand, they can enjoy the freedom of their own four walls, but on the other hand, they also bear certain security risks. The safety of women living alone is a serious issue.

A friend of mine came home after a hard day's work to find the front door open and the house in disarray. All the cash in the drawers was gone, as were valuable purses and jewelry. She immediately called the police, who then came immediately and took her statement. But the investigation of this case made little progress in the following period, and similar cases occurred every day. A Chinese proverb says: prevention is better than cure.

Below you will find safety tips for women living alone:

1.choose a safe environment
If you are thinking about moving to a new location, you should think about the safety of the area beforehand. If you are not familiar with the city, you can find out about it on the Internet. You can also ask local passers-by or neighbors how safe the neighborhood is and whether it has already been burgled. A safe neighborhood significantly reduces the risk of burglary.
2. get to know your neighbor

There's an old saying that goes, "A distant relative is less important than a near neighbor." There is some truth to this, as your neighbors can let you know immediately if something is wrong in your home. They can also keep an eye on your apartment in case you are out of the house for an extended period of time. Tip: When you move in, introduce yourself to the neighbors and bring them fresh flowers or chocolates. Something like that always goes down well 😉

Burglar Window Indoor Alarm Security

3. the use of home security systems
Women living alone are advised to use home security systems. Home surveillance devices such as smart doorbells and cameras can be used to monitor your home at all times when you are not at home. Up to 88% of all burglars are deterred if the home has a visible surveillance system. Surveillance cameras are available for the interior and exterior of a home. The PT-300Q indoor camera from Chuango Smart Home is perfect for women living alone. The rotation of 350° horizontally and 110° vertically allows for comprehensive surveillance. The camera detects human movement through AI algorithms and immediately triggers an alarm to notify you of a stranger's intrusion. The live footage from these cameras can be viewed on smartphones and mobile devices from any location. 

In addition, it is important to strengthen the protection of doors and windows to prevent burglaries. The OV-300 smart WiFi alarm system is easy to install. The door/window sensor will trigger an alarm when it detects that a door or window has been opened. When you are at home, you can turn on the blurred mode to prevent alarms from being accidentally triggered.

4. make "male" clothes visible

Another interesting option is to hang some pieces of men's clothing in a conspicuous place, such as on the balcony. Additionally, leave a pair of men's shoes in front of the door and the apartment will look more inhabited.

In short, if you hide the fact that a woman lives here alone, the probability of a burglary will decrease.
5. turn on the light

There are significantly more burglaries in the winter than in the summer. "In the dark season, you can already see from 5 p.m. by the lighting whether someone is at home," says Kriminaloberrat Michael Neumann (58), head of the Hamburg LKA-19 "Castle".

Smart light
bulbs can help in this situation. You can control the lights remotely via the app when you're not at home, creating the illusion that someone is in the house. Via app, multiple light bulbs can be linked together and turned on or off with one click. They can even be linked to our security systems. The bulb's alarm mode also serves as a visual deterrent to an attempted break-in.

Smart light Indoor Chuango

6. watch out for strangers
Of course, danger can lurk anywhere, but there are good ways to protect yourself on the street and at home these days.

If there's a knock on your front door, don't just open it, find out who's standing in front of it first.

Don't wear headphones or play around with your cell phone when you're out alone at night, because you could be followed without being noticed.

If you notice that you are being followed, find a busy place and turn to passersby or neighbors for help.

It can also be very useful to carry a pocket alarm with you to draw attention to yourself in case of emergency.

If you are driving home alone in a cab at night, send the license plate number to a friend or family member so they can respond in an emergency.


For some people, living alone can improve the index of a happy life and focus more on themselves.
If the living environment is safe and you can deal with life calmly, you can proudly say "I can take care of myself alone", you will not feel tired of the busy life and you can enjoy it better at home.

There are many people for whom living alone is the core of a happy life. There are also good reasons for this. You lead a self-determined life, you can do whatever you want and you don't have to make any compromises. However, people who live alone are particularly at risk in terms of burglaries. In order to avoid these, one should absolutely also pay attention to a safe living environment and if possible also the own four walls should be secured. Then nothing will stand in the way of a relaxed life alone.

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