Smart Home control with Alexa? Here are 5 things you should know!

Smart home devices can be found in many households today. When it comes to smart homes, more and more people rely on Amazon's voice assistant Alexa. With Alexa you can operate your lamps, sockets, cameras, alarm systems, blinds and other devices easily and conveniently via voice command. This text will help you to use Alexa effectively in the Smart Home area and have more fun with it.

1. Alexa is not just a speaker with a microphone

“Alexa is a cloud-based voice service. It's really easy to use – just ask it a question.” That's how Amazon defines Alexa.

Amazon's voice assistant Alexa is not only a loudspeaker with a microphone, but also helps with tasks, tells jokes and stories, plays your favorite music and much more. If the word "Alexa" is understood, the following sentence is interpreted as a command and transmitted to the Amazon server via WLAN encryption. The Amazon server evaluates the sentence and sends the encrypted response back to Alexa.

The most popular Alexa models are probably the Amazon Echo Dot and the Amazon Echo Plus. The new Echo Show model has an integrated display. This can be useful if, for example, you have a smart surveillance camera like the Chuango Indoor Camera PT-300Q.

2. What are Alexa Skills?

  • Amazon Skills are similar to the apps on your smartphone and are basically practical additional functions that subsequently expand the range of functions of Alexa. Skills let you control a variety of non-Amazon products like TVs, hearing aids, lights, and thermostats with Alexa integration. For example, you can use the "DreamCatcher-Life" skill to enable control of your Chuango smart home devices with Alexa.

    The selection of Alexa Skills is huge. Amazon lists its Alexa Skills, which are offered by countless providers, on its own website, where you can search for the desired functions. Here are some popular Alexa Skills you might be interested in:
    • Education & Reference Alexa Skills (e.g. Translator Alexa or Basic Law Skill)
    • UtilitiesAlexa Skills(e.g. Trash Calendar or Handy Finder Skill)
    • Film & TV Alexa Skills (e.g. access TV programs via Alexa)
    • Smart Home Alexa Skills (e.g. night light Alexa Skill)

You can find more useful Alexa Skills here:

An overview of Alexa Skills and options

3. Connect your smart home devices to Alexa

Setting up an Alexa-compatible smart home device is usually very quick and you only have to intuitively follow the voice instructions of the device.

For example, you buy an Echo Dot and Chuango Smart devices. Before you start the setup, make sure that:

  • Your Chuango smart devices are connected to the DreamCatcher Life app.
  • The Amazon Alexa app is installed on your phone and you are logged into your account.

Follow the guide below:

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app.
  • Tap on "More" and select "Skills & Games".
  • Tap the Search button. Look for the DreamCatcher Life skill.
  • Select "Start".
  • Sign in to the DreamCatcher Life account.
  • Tap Sign In. Your DreamCatcher account is successfully connected.
  • Tap "Find Devices". All of your Chuango smart devices should appear and automatically connect to Alexa.

If your devices aren't found automatically, you can ask "Alexa, discover my devices."
You can find more information in our FAQ article.

Control your smart home devices with Alexa

With the development of technology and people's pursuit of a more comfortable life, the smart home industry has grown greatly. More and more devices can now be integrated into the smart home network. From small devices like light bulbs to large household appliances like refrigerators, more and more objects are being integrated around us and easily controlled via smartphones or voice assistants like Alexa. In the following I present some of the most common smart home categories and the voice commands used to control them.

Smart lighting

Whether you're snuggled up with a pillow in front of the TV or spending the evening on the sofa with a good book - it's easier to control the smart lighting via the Alexa voice assistant than having to get up and go to the switch.

You can control all Chuango smart light bulbs with Amazon Alexa. The DreamCatcher Life Skill is compatible with all Chuango lighting products. You can give voice commands to Alexa.

Here are some common functions with examples:

Alexa, turn off [light name]/lightbulb/light
Alexa, turn on/on [light name]/the lightbulb/ the light
Alexa, set [Lightname]/the light/bulb to (0-100) percent
Alexa, make [lightname]/light/bulb warmer/cooler
Alexa, switch [lightname]/the light/bulb to daylight
Alexa, set [light name]/light/bulb to [color]
Alexa, change the [light name]/ bulb/ light to [color].
Discover more...

Vacuum robot

Another step towards automating housework is the vacuum robot. Your floors will be clean with just one voice command! You no longer have to get up and rummage in the closet for the vacuum cleaner if something falls down.

You can control your Chuango robot vacuum with Amazon Alexa by enabling the DreamCatcher Life Skill in the Amazon Alexa app.

Try giving Alexa the following simple commands:

"Alexa, turn on the vacuum robot."
"Alexa, turn off the vacuum robot."
Discover more...

Family relaxing in their living room, surrounded by smart home appliances

Alarm system for your home

Everyone wants to feel safe, especially when they are at home. There is an easy way to do this: install a smart home alarm system. When you go out, you can activate the security system directly with a voice command, which can be very useful.

With the Chuango WiFi alarm OV-300 or LTE-400 you can protect your home with Amazon Alexa as soon as you activate the DreamCatcher Life Skill in the Alexa app.

Here are some common functions with examples:

Alexa, turn on [device name]
Alexa, set [device name] to Away mode.
Alexa, is [device name] enabled?
Alexa, turn off [device name]

Smart home camera

With a smart home camera you can easily monitor sensitive areas from your own smartphone or tablet. As soon as the camera records a movement, you will be informed and can immediately access the camera recordings via your smartphone (e.g. with the DreamCatcher-Life app).

Try telling Alexa the following simple commands

"Alexa, ask DreamCatcher Life to turn off privacy mode."
"Alexa, ask DreamCatcher Life to turn on privacy mode."
"Alexa, ask DreamCatcher Life to record a video."

5. Set up smart home routines

Another exciting feature that definitely needs to be mentioned when controlling the smart home is the “routines”. By setting up routines in the Alexa app, you can combine actions and then activate them with voice commands. For example, I pre-programmed my Alexa voice assistant. Every time I say “good night” to Alexa, the light in my bedroom turns off automatically.

Don't limit your creativity. In this way, Alexa can fulfill more and more of your personal wishes over time.

Set up Alexa Smart Home routines

Long story short: Manual operation is a thing of the past here - more and more households are turning to smart home applications and language assistants. What are you waiting for after reading all this so patiently? Now give Alexa a command in your smart home!

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