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Smart homes are a booming trend. According to Statista's forecast, the trend will not abate in the coming years. Comfort and convenience are one of the many reasons to have one or more smart devices at home. That feeling when we come home and find that the lights are already on, the floor is clean and our pet is safe makes us feel good and speeds up our daily routines. In this way, smart homes can save us a lot of time and money and improve the quality of our lives.

To ensure that the initial euphoria of buying new smart home products does not turn into frustration, providers are constantly improving the associated smartphone apps. A vivid example of this is the DreamCatcher Life app for Chuango devices, which can be downloaded and installed in just a few minutes.

The user interface is completely intuitive and thanks to the shortcut keys, it's almost impossible for someone of any age not to know how to use it. Not only can you use the app to control your devices and set up automations from your smartphone, but you can also connect to Alexa or Google Home to control your smart home with your voice.

Getting started with DreamCatcher Life

1. Downloading and installing the DreamCatcher Life app.

  • First, scan the QR code located on the product that provides direct access to download the app.
  • Download the DreamCatcher Life app from Google or Appstore.

2. Set up the user account

  • Open the smartphone app
  • Register for free with your email address

3. Add your Chuango device to the app

  • Tap on the "+" sign in the middle of the screen
  • Select the displayed device from the list

4. Connect the device to your home network (Note that Chuango devices are only compatible with 2.4 GHz networks).

  • Select your WiFi network when prompted
  • Enter your associated network password
  • If you want to add more devices, repeat the previous steps

After the installation is complete, you can name your device as you wish and divide it into different rooms such as kitchen, living room, bedroom. When you add the devices, they will appear in the main menu of the smartphone app. There you can organize them and for each of them four shortcut buttons are activated, with which you can access the most important functions. This way you won't have to keep switching to the main page of each device when you want to use it.

Automations for your smart home

To automate your home and make your smart devices work for you, you can set scenes and/or rules in the smartphone app.

The difference between a scene and a rule is that a scene allows you to schedule different tasks for multiple devices at the same time, for example when you or your family go out of the house, your smart lights automatically turn off, the robot vacuum starts cleaning and the security system is activated.

While a rule follows the "if-then" principle, meaning there must be a cause (trigger) that triggers a consequence (action). Example here is, your baby is alone in his room in crib and sleeping, you place a Chuango Indoor Camera PT-300Q as a baby monitor there and you relax in the living room. As soon as the baby's crying is detected, the Chuango Smart bulb in the living room lights up.

In the DreamCatcher Life app, there are some default scenes and rules that you can easily select by clicking the "Smart" icon. Move the button and you can choose a rule from the list. If none of them fits your needs, you can create your own. This won't take more than a few minutes, so get started!

Tap on the "Smart" icon in the top bar of the button
Select "My Scenes" or "My Rules
Tap on "Add" and start creating your scene or rule
Give your individual scene or rule a name
Set the schedule
Define an icon for your scene or rule

Smart security

The DreamCatcher Life app is designed to provide the best possible user experience, allowing smart devices with multiple features to be easily managed centrally. One of these functions, which can seem very complicated at first glance, is remote control of security systems. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Once you've connected your alarm system to the app, you can receive real-time push notifications when an alarm is triggered in your home. To activate it, all you have to do is follow these steps:

Go to "My Account"
Select the "Settings
Drag the app notifications button to the right
All alarm events will be saved in the history, which you can access at any time, replacing old events with the latest ones.

If you have added accessories to your alarm system, you can control them with the app. You also have the option to group them into different zones and even create delays. These delays can be used, for example, when you leave your house and need a little more time before your system should activate.

Using the smart buttons or the menu of your alarm system, you can activate it, deactivate it or put it into home mode. In emergency situations, press the SOS button to ask for help as soon as possible.

Intelligent light control

The perfect combination of smart light bulbs and the DreamCatcher Life app allows you to create the right ambiance for any occasion. With the app, you can adjust the intensity, choose a color or one of the 24 preset modes, create schedules, and even control multiple bulbs at once.

For controlling multiple bulbs, the app offers two options: automations or creating a group. To create a group, all you have to do is the following:

Select a light bulb and tap on the three small dots at the top of the screen
Tap on "Create group" to select the light bulbs
Save your selection and name the group


A smart home is synonymous with development and convenience. To keep things straightforward for you and your smart home, your devices and smartphone apps should be just as convenient. With the DreamCatcher Life app, you have everything you need for intuitive operation in your pocket.

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