The 5 most important reasons for surveillance cameras

Are you interested in surveillance cameras? Sure, otherwise you wouldn't be here. There are plenty of good reasons to buy a surveillance camera. But there are so many different cameras. How do you know which features to look for? A camera with a rechargeable battery or would you prefer one with a power connection? Motion detection and night light? I'll say this: it depends, as in most cases, on what situation you want to use it for.

Do you want it to watch your pets in your home? Do you want it to serve as a baby monitor or protect your home from burglars? Do you want to install a small camera in the nesting box to watch the baby birds grow up? Or just watch your rodents while you're on vacation?

In this guide, depending on the situation, I would like to introduce you the most important camera features, so you know what to look for when buying.

1.Indoor surveillance for dog and cat

You are an animal lover, love your pet more than anything and have a queasy feeling in your stomach every time you go to work and leave it alone at home? To know exactly that your furry friend is still fine, you want to install a camera? No problem, you are far from alone with these worries.

These are the features you should look out for:

Power connection or battery? For long-term monitoring, when you're driving to work, for example, the camera should be plugged directly into the power to secure the power supply. If your pet is only left alone for a short time, a camera with an integrated battery is also sufficient.

Pan and tilt function? If the room is larger, a motorized camera with pan and tilt function is a good choice, as it can monitor a larger area.

Night vision mode? What time of day are you out of the house? To be flexible here and to ensure good surveillance, especially in the dark winter months, you should also pay attention to a good night vision function with about 9 infrared LEDs.

If you have a very skittish dog at home, it is also a good idea to get a camera that detects dog barking and sends it immediately to your cell phone. Using two-way communication, you can then immediately calm him down with your voice and coax him along.

It becomes even more special if the camera has an additional treat function, where the camera ejects treats at the push of a button. However, this special feature is very expensive. So you should carefully consider whether it really makes sense for you.

2. indoor surveillance of the apartment
Probably the most common reason that speaks for a surveillance camera is the alarm function in your own 4 walls. If you are away from home for a longer period of time, be it on vacation or just at work, you want your home to be well secured.

The most important feature of a surveillance camera is probably the motion detection and tracking and the instant notification to your smartphone. This way, you're immediately notified of the non-authorized person, whether it's just grandma or actually a burglar.

Good cameras record 24/7 (if you want them to), so, a camera with power is preferable to one with battery only.

Also, security cameras save a small video clip directly to your smartphone when motion is detected, so a small section is definitely secured.

If you're not at home overnight, a camera with good night vision is also a good choice, in addition to the normal resolution in HD.

When installing it, make sure that it cannot be reached by the burglar, so it hangs in a relatively high position, for example. Of course, there should also be a power outlet in the immediate vicinity of the camera.

3. outdoor surveillance of the property
Just like the indoor camera, an outdoor camera is also very popular, because here there is even the possibility that the burglar is deterred in advance and does not even break in. However, outdoor alarm systems are always a corner more expensive than good indoor systems. In addition, certain legal guidelines must be observed, which we will discuss in more detail in this article.

Saving tip
: Instead of an expensive outdoor camera, simply install a normal indoor camera directly behind the front door, which is also clearly visible to the burglar, so that he will hopefully get out of the way immediately.

If it should be an outdoor camera after all, pay special attention to the waterproofness, because even under a roof they can get wet by storms or other extreme weather and damage the camera.

The location of the camera is also important. This is important because you should make sure you have the right internet connection for it. If you want to install it on the wall in front of your front door, a WLAN connection is sufficient. If you want to install it in the garden, however, the camera will need remote access, as the range of the WLAN will most likely be too short.

Another important point is the battery power. If you don't feel like running extension cords outside, the camera should have a large battery that doesn't need to be changed every few days.

Also, the outdoor camera will certainly record at night, so just like the indoor camera, good night vision is not unimportant.

4. surveillance cameras for nest boxes

If you want to install a camera in the nesting box, it should have a good night vision + sharp close-up and a WLAN connection, also a power supply via a power supply unit or power bank (in a waterproof box) via USB connection.

You can find out more detailed info in this detailed article.

5. baby monitor

Believe it or not, modern cameras today can also be used as baby monitors. If you have a small child at home, a camera with baby sound detection is the right choice for you. As soon as the camera detects baby sounds, it sends a message to your smartphone. If you have additional smart light bulbs, they can turn on at the same moment.


Not all people are technology geniuses. That's why it's especially important that the app is easy and intuitive to use, and that the camera is easy to set up. You can find out how easy this is with Chuango in the tutorial videos on YouTube


As you can see, the camera can be a super handy helper that I'm sure everyone has at least one good reason for. I have probably forgotten numerous reasons in my list, but ultimately everyone must decide for themselves which camera suits them best. If you're looking for a wide selection and low prices, you should take a look at the indoor WLAN cameras from lesser-known brands.

However, I would like to give you one more consideration: If several reasons for a camera have appealed to you, see if there isn't even an all-round camera that is suitable for several situations. As an example, I can mention the PT-300Q von Chuango which meets many requirements except for the outdoor function and the treat dispenser.

In addition, it can be connected with all other products from Chuango. As an example, the light will turn on when the camera detects baby noises, or the camera will be connected with the alarm system and light bulbs in alarm mode, providing triple security.

Now all that's left for us to say is have fun finding your perfect security camera!

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