New Product - Here's the Multipurpose Sensor

Multi-purpose sensor - what is it actually?

With the multi-purpose sensor DML-100 you get a multi-talented device that you can use independently or in combination with other Chuango products. Easily set thresholds in temperature, humidity or light intensity or set up scenes and rules in conjunction with other devices.

For this you need the DreamCatcher Life app, which you can find in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. The operation is intuitive. Use presets and recommendations or set individual values and scenes and rules.

Any detected motion or alarms are logged and displayed on the sensor's home screen.

The sensor can be easily controlled with popular voice assistants such as Alexa® or Siri®.

What exactly can the multipurpose sensor measure?


The sensor measures the ambient temperature (-10°C to 50°C) Individual lowest and highest limits can be set, when reached the sensor can notify you in various ways. Selectable: alarm sound and/or flashing light and/or push message).


The sensor measures the relative humidity of the environment (0-100%). Individual lowest and highest limits can be set, when reached the sensor can notify you in various ways. Selectable: alarm sound and/or flashing light and/or push notification Setting limits in temperature and humidity can help prevent mold in rooms prone to it.

Ambient light detection

The sensor measures ambient light (0-80000 lux) Individual lowest and highest thresholds can be set, and when reached, the sensor can notify in a variety of ways. Selectable: alarm sound and/or flashing light and /or push message).

Smoke detector alarm detection

The sensor registers the alarm sound of the smoke detector when it goes off and can notify in various ways. Selectable: alarm sound and/or flashing light and /or push message 🔺 Please note the following: The maximum distance to the smoke detector is 5m. Signal tone of the smoke detector min 85dB. Please make sure to test if the signal of your smoke detector is recognized.

Motion detector

The sensor detects motion in a detection range of 5-10 meters. The maximum detection angle is 95°. Mount the sensor at a height of 2 - 2.2 meters for optimal detection. The motion sensor is pet-immune - pets weighing up to 25kg are not detected and thus do not trigger an alarm.

Motion detector in home mode (presence mode)(without hub).

If the sensor registers motion, the integrated warm white light turns on. You can set the brightness level (1-100%) and the lighting duration (5 - 60 seconds). If you additionally activate the ambient light detection, you can choose whether the light should only turn on in darkness, at dusk, already at brighter ambient light or always. Furthermore, you can select the sensitivity of the motion sensor (low, medium, high). The sensor is preset to medium. Set this way, the sensor can be used as a night light, for example to illuminate dark hallways, entrances or stairs.

Motion sensor in absence mode (without hub).

Set in the app how the sensor reacts when it detects unexpected and unwanted movements: turn on the "alarm sound" and/or "flashing light" function. Set the detection interval (5-60 seconds) and the sensitivity of the sensor (low, medium or high). You will be informed about any motion registrations via push message when you activate the corresponding controller. Create schedules on which days of the week and at what time the absence mode should turn on or off. You can turn the schedules on and off.

How do I use the multi-purpose sensor?

The sensor can optionally be paired with other devices in the DreamCatcherLife app. This gives you the possibility to set up scenes and rules. For example, choose "Wake up" from the rule recommendations: conditions are that the multipurpose sensor is set to home mode, detects motion and the ambient light is dark. As soon as the sensor registers a movement, it switches on its night light function and additionally selected light bulbs. You can determine after what period of time it will turn off again. You don't need a hub to set up this rule. Or set up scenes with integration of a hub (Chuango alarm system). For example, you can define which devices should be operated when you leave your home and the alarm is armed. Should the camera start monitoring, the robot vacuum cleaner start working, etc.?

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