Is a robot vaccum for everyone?

No more house cleaning! The dream of every housekeeper! Robot vacuum cleaners promise a solution. Used correctly, they can improve the quality of life and give you more time for more beautiful things. There are now so many models on the market: large, small, thick, thin, with navigation, suction station, timer function and so on. But do you really need such functions or is it all just gimmickry? And if so, who is which function suitable for and what do you have to pay attention to in your apartment? That's what we want to find out now.

Apartment size

How big is your Apartment?

Robot vacuum cleaners that are small and maneuverable are suitable for smaller apartments. A low height is also recommended, as this means you can also clean under the furniture and save yourself a trip to the feather duster. So be sure to measure how high your everyday helper can be.

For large apartments, a large battery and high suction power are worthwhile if you don't want the vacuuming process to last all day. Depending on the technical performance and speed of the vacuum robot, a vacuuming process for 100m² takes around 100 - 200 minutes. The larger the apartment, the more a powerful device is worthwhile.
A high-quality navigation function, e.g. with the latest laser technology, can be helpful if the apartment is not square or rectangular or if several rooms need to be cleaned.
Experience has shown that there is more dust in a large apartment than in small apartments. A large dust container is therefore an advantage. Whether a vacuum robot with a pumping station is worthwhile is a matter of taste, as the pumping station is relatively visible in the apartment due to its size. A small, simple charging station is visually a little more reserved.

Roughly speaking, the larger the apartment, the longer the battery life should be and the larger the dust container should be.

Floor texture

The type of floor plays an important role when choosing your little household helper.

The fact that a vacuum robot needs higher performance on a carpet than on hard floors such as tiles, laminate, vinyl, parquet or cork flooring is nothing new. The more carpet there is in your apartment, the more powerful the robot vacuum cleaner should be in order to be able to effectively pull stubborn dirt out of the fibers. High-priced devices even adjust the suction power when they detect carpet.

For hard floors, the mopping function is interesting for a more thorough clean. Fine dust and sticky dirt can be easily removed from hard floors with the integrated mop. This means you not only have a dust-free floor, but also a wet one. ;-)


Various obstacles make the robot vacuum cleaner's work more difficult.

Furniture: Furniture is always in the same place, so the smart helper should get to know its position and successfully vacuum around it or even under it if it is narrow enough.

Shaggy carpets: If you are a fan of high carpets, the vacuum robot should be able to recognize and overcome them. Many models can currently handle a height of 1-2 centimeters, but carpets still represent a real challenge for many robot vacuum cleaners.

Stairs: For staircases on upper floors, there are either boundary strips supplied that the robot vacuum cleaner does not drive over or detection sensors that can detect a larger difference in height. Depending on the price range, different procedures are used.

Toys: Toys or other objects lying around are the biggest unknown. Depending on their size, the objects are either pushed in front of the vacuum cleaner, the vacuum robot moves around them, or it turns 180° and moves back again. So you can imagine that the more there is on the floor, the less proper navigation is possible and the messier the end result becomes. It is therefore very important to tidy up the apartment beforehand, as a cleaning robot has unfortunately not yet been invented.


We have now looked at your apartment, but you should also ask yourself whether a vacuum robot fits into your life, because a small, autonomous helper does not make sense for every group of people.

Basically, you should always be able to answer two questions with yes.

1.Do you have a sense of order? A strong sense of order is essential for the smooth operation of a robot vacuum cleaner. Before each vacuuming process, your apartment must be tidy, otherwise the best vacuum robot will be of no use to you. If you like to leave a lot of things on the floor, you should think twice or even three times about purchasing one.

2.Are you interested in technology? Of course, you should have fun dealing with the latest technology. Most robot vacuum cleaners are operated with more than just one click.

This technical household help can be useful for the following groups:

Do you belong to the group of busy people, are you hardly at home or have little time for cleaning the house? Then the vacuum robot is your best friend. It cleans comfortably while you are not at home at a time you specify using the timer function on one or more days a week. You can control it via the app while you're on the go.

It is just as useful for families with (small) children. Especially when there are several people, a lot of dirt quickly accumulates and after work you would rather do something with the children than worry about cleaning the house. The additional wiping function quickly removes one or two spaghetti spills that have fallen down. If that's not practical.

Pet owners also get their money’s worth. If pet hair is flying all over the apartment, any form of help is welcome. Then it is important to have a large dust container and a high suction power, because (particularly large) animal hair takes up a lot of space in the container and stubbornly sticks to various surfaces. Every now and then the brushes need to be freed from animal hair. Hair is least likely to get caught in rubberized brushes. It is also worth paying attention to the material of the brushes. Do you have particularly anxious animals? Then you should definitely keep an eye (or better yet, your ear) on the volume of the robot vacuum cleaner. The quieter your robot, the more relaxed your animal is.

The robot vacuum cleaner is a great helper for older people and people with physical limitations who can no longer properly use a normal vacuum cleaner. You can easily operate the vacuum robot remotely using the app and track where it has been for a long time.

Of course, there are also groups of people who benefit less from a robot vacuum:

For example, do you work at home or are you generally at home a lot? Then the robot should definitely do its work quietly, as it usually has a relatively long working time. The noise level may be unpleasant for sensitive ears.

If you own a large house, congratulations, but a robot vacuum might have a hard time with you. Many stairs make it difficult for him to clean the entire house. Unless you buy several little helpers for several levels. Then all you have to do is clean the stairs by hand.

Our conclusion:

A robot vacuum offers many advantages and can save many people a lot of work, but not everyone equally. There are now an endless number of models with a wide variety of techniques and materials used, all of which have their place and are all designed for different needs. So everyone has to decide for themselves whether a robot vacuum cleaner is worth it and which functions are important to them.
Our RV-500 vacuum robot is designed, for example, for smaller households with hard floors. Visually, it is very small and narrowly designed to easily scrape away dirt from under furniture and other obstacles. Its charging station is well reserved and even appears almost invisible when placed in the right place. The cleaning of hard floors is complemented by the wiping function to remove even stubborn stains. The boundary strips provided provide safety, both for the demarcated area in front of the vacuum robot and for the robot itself from falls. With the DreamCatcher Life app, his working hours can be set precisely and the route can be tracked, which is attractive for various groups of people. After the work is done, he drives leisurely back to the charging station and gets ready for the next round. The RV-500 is rounded off with durable materials for a long functional life and thus long-lasting fun with the vacuum robot.

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