Smart home costs? Does not have to be expensive!

The term "smart home" or "smart living" refers to the networking of technical devices of all kinds, such as lighting, alarm systems and household appliances, some of which can be controlled via a base station, others directly via an APP and by APP both from home and remotely. The cost varies depending on the category.

In this text, the most popular smart home products or their market prices are briefly introduced, so that you can decide according to your own interests and needs.

1. smart lighting

In most cases, the first step into a smart home is to turn traditional light bulbs into smart light bulbs. Smart lighting is one of the most common and affordable smart home products. For example, at Chuango you can find light bulbs in three different sockets: E14, GU10 and E27 - each in white and colored. The smart bulbs are dimmable via APP and additionally controllable via Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. Over 16 million colors and multiple lighting modes are suitable for different situations and scenes, such as work/learning/cooking/party etc.

The average price of smart lighting in 2021 is about $40. Smart bulbs are slightly more expensive than regular bulbs in the long run, but still cheaper due to lower energy consumption. They also last longer and offer user-friendly and customized light adjustment.

With many manufacturers, the customer receives numerous benefits, such as the sometimes decent discounts during the holidays.

2. robot vacuum cleaner
Whether seen at acquaintances or friends or read in the supermarket brochure - the robot vacuum cleaner is in! According to a study, around 620,000 household robots were sold in Germany in the first half of 2021, which corresponds to an increase of six percent compared to the previous year. (for a turnover of more than 304 million euros).

There are many different types of robots to make your everyday life easier. For indoors, there is the vacuuming and mopping robot for the floor and the window cleaning robot for the windows. In the garden, a robotic mower will keep your lawn short. The robot vacuum cleaner is probably the most popular and well-known. Robot vacuum cleaner can cost more than 1,000 euros, but interested parties do not have to spend four figures to keep their floors clean. Robot vacuum cleaner in the mid-range price range of 200 to 500 euros are also well suited for small to medium-sized households.

When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, you should pay attention to the two most important features - battery life and suction power. In terms of battery life, most robot vacuums today can run for at least 60 minutes on a full charge. With a battery life of 150 minutes max, Chuango's RV-500 robot vacuum cleaner, for example, can easily clean an area of 100㎡ on the lowest setting. Other advantages here are also the large 500ml dust container, with which the dust does not have to be removed every time and the water tank with a capacity of 300ml.

3. alarm systems
In terms of alarm systems, a so-called smart home alarm starter kit is generally recommended, which should contain at least one base station, 1-2 remote controls and one sensor. To this, depending on individual needs, various accessories can be added, which are connected to the base station and then controlled via APP.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of accessories:

Indoor sensors: door/window sensor, motion detector, vibration detector, water detector.
Outdoor sensors: Motion sensors, multi-beam IR sensors.
Remote control and keypad
Signal amplifier
Wireless sirens

The price of a Chuangto 5-piece smart home alarm smarter kit with a base station, two remote controls, two door/window sensors and a pet-safe motion detector is 189 euros.

4. indoor camera
Indoor cameras meet the needs of, for example, people who live alone and value security, who have children or pets, who travel a lot or are very busy with the household or work. The cameras are small, lightweight and easy to install. Nowadays, indoor cameras are an important part of the smart home.

A modern indoor camera should have the following features:

1080P high resolution
Viewing range: horizontal up to 360°, vertical up to 110°.
Night vision
24/7 recording
Two-way audio
Baby cry detection
What's even more interesting are the two storage options. The user can either store all video clips locally on the included 16 GB micro SD card or in the cloud (usually a paid subscription). The price of an indoor camera is usually between 30 and 80 euros.

From the TP-Link Tapo C100 WLAN IP camera for 24.89 euros to the BOSCH Smart Home 360° indoor camera for 249.95 euros, you can spend as much or as little on surveillance cameras as you like. Of course, you can also find a lot of cameras with a good price-performance ratio outside of these benchmarks, such as the PT-300Q from Chuango, which gives you a powerful surveillance camera for 45 euros after deducting the 10% new customer discount.

Smart home products are certainly a bit more expensive than ordinary, conventional products, but this is due to the technical development and the numerous advantages of the "smart home". Thus, the price difference is still justified.

The advantage of smart home products is the ease of use and the ability to combine the individual categories: All smart home products can be connected and adjusted according to one's own needs and preferences. Thus, each smart home is unique and individual. In terms of long-term energy saving, convenience and novel user experience, smart home products are indeed highly recommended.

As a brand that entered the German market in 2021, Chuango impresses with good quality and reasonable prices. Click for more information at:

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