Smart Home Whitepaper - What is it?

Smart Home – what is it actually?

More and more people are relying on networking within their homes: 3 million people in Germany were already using smart household appliances in 2020 alone. Even 5.2 million controlled heat and light via a smart home system, 2.5 million ran their security system via their smartphone. So there is no question: the smart home is the home of the future! Is the concept suitable for everyone? What do I have to do to turn my home into a smart home?

What does “smart home” actually mean?

The Smart Home principle became known as the “Internet of Things”. It was understood as a network of household appliances connected to each other via the Internet, which was controlled via a central computer. In the meantime, the idea of ​​the smart home has developed significantly: from the front door to the light bulb, more and more objects can be integrated and control is carried out easily via smartphone or one of the popular language assistants.

Smart home control via app

Which smart home components are there?

Smart Home devices are first differentiated according to large and small devices. Large devices are e.g. B. refrigerators, washing machines or dishwashers. These can report faults in your home network or be set by a timer. Some refrigerators are even already able to automatically order missing groceries online when linked to an assistant like Alexa!

The control of room heat, e.g. B. via a central thermostat or a smart air conditioning, also falls into the department of large devices.

However, the selection is even larger when it comes to small smart devices:


Smart lightbulbs are among the best-selling smart devices. They offer a quick start into the intelligent home without major installation effort. The W-LAN lightbulbs from Chuango are available with E27 and E14 threads - suitable for all common lamp sockets. The range also includes GU10 reflector lamps and stylish vintage Edison light bulbs. Whether in shades of white or millions of color options, smart LED light bulbs are versatile and can be easily operated via the app.

Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner robots are probably the most well-known smart everyday helpers and are already well established. Countless videos are circulating online showing cats, dogs, rabbits, and even budgies being driven around homes, much to the amusement of owners. The vacuum robot from Chuango impresses with its long battery life and suction power - the integrated wiping function is an extra plus! Here, too, control via the app is very simple: the smart vacuum cleaner can be timed and operated directly.

Home Security

Smart home products are not just about convenience. Security in your own home also plays a major role. The extensive home security bundles from Chuango offer a reliable entry into the world of smart burglary protection. Of course, the security components can also be put together individually: All you need is a smart base station and connectable accessories that can be added as required. Up to 50 sensors can be combined in the app and operated very easily.


Chuango's alarm systems send a message via the app as soon as the alarm is triggered. In addition, other sensors can help to increase burglary protection: sirens and motion detectors have been proven to help deter potential burglars. Once installed and connected to the alarm system, the Chuango accessory can be conveniently operated via the app. Arming the alarm system is even easier with the included remote control!


The WiFi camera with a 350-degree field of view and two-way speaker is a good way to keep an eye on your home while you're out and about: real-time observation is just as possible as 24/7 recording, with the integrated camera recognizing AI human movements and sends notification via app. A special plus for animal lovers: the opportunity to talk to your four-legged friend at home!

Smart home camera to keep an eye on things

Who is a smart home system suitable for?

In short: to everyone! Because the smart home system does not exist in an absolute form, as it can be set up individually and supplemented as required. This begins e.g. in security with an alarm system and window sensors. In addition, there are smart devices such as a vacuum cleaner robot or light bulbs for individually adjustable lighting, depending on your wishes. There are also roller boxes, televisions and even lawnmowers as smart variants.

How do you control smart home systems?

The control is also individually solved. The individual smart home products are connected to the home W-LAN and can therefore be addressed individually. Like most smart home systems, the Chuango products also work via their own app on the smartphone or tablet. But control via AI language assistants such as Siri or Alexa is also no problem with our products. Once connected, the light, alarm and vacuum cleaner can be switched on or off with simple voice commands.


A connected home can make sense for almost everyone. The age of the users is widely spread and ranges from young "digital natives" to demanding silver agers who enjoy using the latest technology. As soon as you know what you want from your smart home system, you can start networking and bring your home online according to your ideas.

You can find our smart household helpers here:

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