Siri, Alexa, Google - Which voice assistant suits me?

Smart speakers - voice assistants based on artificial intelligence - are now available from a number of manufacturers. However, the main focus of users remains on the "Big Three", the best-known of the smart helpers: Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant. For each of these AIs, there are so-called speakers that act as an address hub, in various sizes and price ranges.

All assistants have one thing in common: they are becoming increasingly popular and well-known. According to an analysis by the statistics institute statista, 92% of Germans know Alexa. Siri and Google Assistant are on par with 77% awareness, well behind Alexa, but still with a high level of awareness.

So anyone who wants to choose a smart assistant faces a real challenge: Which system suits me? Who do I want to share my home with?

In the following, we would like to introduce you to the Big Three in more detail:

1. Siri
Siri is the oldest of the three and has been available for the iPhone since 2011. She gained online fame shortly after her release because her programming included language wit and quick-witted responses from the start. Monty Python references are as familiar to her as funny responses; for years, proud users have posted their best interactions with the Apple AI.

This playful interaction and with her users and her very natural speech patterns are also what make Siri so popular.

One drawback for those who are not yet part of the Apple universe is, of course, that Siri is only compatible with Apple products. So, an iPhone, iPad or Mac is required for installation. The accompanying Home Pod retails for just under 100 Euros, and Siri can perform all functions via it: Play music (but only via Apple Music), make calls, answer questions and much more. An Apple TV or an iPad can also be used as a base for Siri.

Although Siri is Apple-exclusive, you can of course use it to control all your Chuango products. Through the DreamCatcher Life app, Siri can adjust your lights, start your robot vacuum or control your home security. You can create scenes or groups of devices and even set up shortcuts. How exactly this works and which commands Siri recognizes, you can read in our article.

2. Alexa
You like to store at Amazon and maybe even have a Prime account? Great, you know your way around the Amazon universe, then Alexa is perfect for you! The first Alexa speaker was launched in 2014, and since then the Echo line has become the most popular smart home assistant. Alexa is available not only on their own speakers, but also on other models and is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones. It is considered a cheap and practical option, as compatible speakers are already available in stores for around 50 euros.

What sets Alexa apart is the large number of available so-called skills; thousands of third-party extensions are available for the system and can easily be added to the setup. This is also where the integration of your smart home products into the Alexa world takes place - as soon as Alexa has learned the new skill, you can control your lighting, your security system or, for example, your vacuum cleaner by voice command. With Alexa, you can also set up routines or create device groups. You can find out exactly how this works in this article .

Alexa's interaction with its users can also be personalized more than its competitors.

On the downside, Alexa's system has been the target of hacker attacks in the past, which has led many users to question its security. It is also said that users have been bugged by Alexa speakers. According to Amazon, these security gaps have been closed in the meantime.

3. Google Assistant
Since its introduction in 2016, the latest addition to the Assistant family has been considered the smartest alternative. Thanks to its connection to the largest search engine network, it quickly accesses Google-based data and has an impressively intelligent voice control.

The Assistant includes the Google Nest speakers, but it is also compatible with speakers from other manufacturers. Therefore, the hub for the Google Assistant is also available from around 50 Euros. It can also be quickly and easily adapted to smartphones, regardless of the operating system. You can easily integrate your Chuango smart home products via the Google Home app and then control them by voice command. Google Assistant can then help you operate your smart lights or camera, and also let you set up schedules or processes that connect multiple devices. You can find out exactly how to set these up in this text.

A disadvantage for beginners is the deep embedding of the assistant in the Google syntax. The focus here is clearly on linking to the search engine and the associated calendar and news apps - the playfulness of Siri or Alexa does not exist here.

Each of the different voice assistants has its advantages and disadvantages. Which model is right for you also depends on how you've been digitally set up so far. Are you an Apple person and already equipped with iPhone, iPad & Co. Then theoretically, all three helpers are available to you and you just have to decide which "personality" you prefer. Most Apple users opt for Siri because it is already available ex-factory and perfectly connected to the Apple system.

Do you want a voice assistant with almost endless extensibility and seamless shopping access? Then Alexa is perfect for you. Or are you looking for an assistant with extremely intelligent voice control that also keeps track of your messages and calendar? Then opt for the Google version!

But no matter which digital "sweetheart" you choose: All three are easily compatible with our DreamCatcher Life app and let you seamlessly integrate your Chuango smart home devices.

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