What is my alarm system allowed to do? - A legal classification

It sounds totally tempting at first: Just install everything that protects my home! Motion detectors, lighting, loud outdoor sirens, cameras in every nook and cranny - especially people who have already been the victim of a burglary plan their protection according to the motto "a lot helps a lot".

But this is not advisable, because the legislator has made clear specifications for many components of an alarm system, to which users must adhere. Below we have summarized these restrictions so that you can relax with your security system!

1. motion detector

Basically, a distinction is made between motion detectors for indoor and outdoor use. The models also differ in their triggering: some only trigger lighting and thus focus on deterrence. Others send a signal to an alarm system when triggered, thus triggering the alarm.

There are two different legal requirements for the operation of motion detectors outdoors. First, only motion detectors that are waterproof may be mounted outside to prevent injury and property damage from short circuits and flying sparks. There must also be a drainage facility for rainwater in the housing to prevent damage from waterlogging. Secondly, outdoor lighting triggered by a motion detector must not be activated for more than 30 minutes to avoid disturbing neighbors.

The outdoor motion detector PIR-926 is waterproof and stormproof, so it is compliant with government regulations. The battery is charged by solar power, so the motion detector is always ready for use.

The general installation of motion detectors outdoors is not regulated by law, so you can install as many as you want. The only exception is if they are coupled with a camera. In this case, the same regulations apply as for surveillance cameras.

2. camera
When using surveillance cameras of any kind in private spaces, criminal law automatically comes into play, because the right to one's own image and the special protection of the confidentially spoken word are secured by law. Only the attempt to record someone without their knowledge is usually already punishable and can mean up to one year imprisonment. Recording of images and sound may therefore only take place within a narrow legal framework. It is permissible to record one's own property or home.

Private living space
(and this includes the property) is especially protected by law and may not be violated. Basically, you should point out the use of a camera on your property with a sign. Secretly filming another person also violates the right to one's own image: Neither may people be filmed without their consent nor may the result be published, e.g. by uploading it to the Internet. So you have to make sure that your camera is really only watching your own living space or property.

Public areas may not be filmed.
In the case of rotating cameras, make sure that they are not pointed at neighboring properties or apartments. Shared driveways and entrances are also covered by this guideline and may not be filmed, as such surveillance may violate a neighbor's right to informational self-determination.

A small digression on the right to the image: Different rules apply to the various European countries, of course. In short, in Austria, Italy and France, for example, it is permitted to film third parties and also to publish images, provided that you make all identifying features such as faces or license plates unrecognizable. In Austria, it is generally permitted to photograph or film people without their consent, but the material may not be published. This does not apply to minors, who may not be photographed.

The situation is quite different in Germany: Here, you usually make yourself liable to prosecution if you make pictures or videos of another person accessible to the public without their consent. This is referred to as a "ban with permission". There are exceptions to this rule, which you can read about here, but these apply to artistic depictions and not to recordings from your surveillance camera!

Of course, these rules do not apply to the potential burglar(s). If someone illegally gains access to your living space, you are of course allowed to film him! However, you must not publish the resulting footage yourself, but should leave it to the investigating authorities to preserve evidence.

With the PT-300Q indoor camera, you have an all-round view of almost everything. You can control the feed of up to four cameras simultaneously in real time via the app and save everything via microSD card or cloud!

3. alarm systems

Alarm systems and loud outdoor sirens may basically be installed in any private living space. The main purpose of the acoustic signal is to unsettle and drive away intruders - while a pulse is sent to the base station and triggers the actual alarm.

Of course, a triggered alarm siren can be perceived as extremely disturbing by residents and neighbors. That is why the duration of the siren has been limited by law to 180 seconds - this time must not be exceeded.

The outdoor siren WS-280 sounds its 105 dB alarm tone for exactly these permitted 3 minutes as soon as it is triggered.

When installing your smart home security, it is imperative that you follow a few legal regulations. Apart from that, you can put together your own personal security system according to your needs and the requirements of your living space. You can find everything you need here: https://chuango.de/collections/smart-home-alarm-starter-kits

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