What makes our smart home products so special?

Chuango Security Technology Corporation is a dynamic developer of DIY wireless home security and automation systems. Chuango's complete portfolio represents minimalist elegance, self-installation and self-monitoring.

"We have seen the concept of 'smart home' maturing and gaining traction in many parts of the world" said Ken Li, founder and CEO of Chuango. Home security remains arguably the most compelling use case for investing in smart home technology.

Products include the latest WiFi base stations for alarm systems, as well as cloud-based cameras and many uniquely designed wireless Accessories.

Chuango home automation and alarm systems feature by a simple WiFi and cellular setup for secure, fail-safe smartphone access. Expanding the system requires just a few swipes on the free app to add up to 50 wireless sensors, multiple base stations and cameras without calling in an expensive installer. Within minutes of opening the box, users can enjoy the comfort and convenience of a smart and secure home. When triggered, the system sends email and app notifications (or text messages if the Wi-Fi is down) to preset family and friend accounts so they can take appropriate action. Additionally, the devices work with Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa.

"Chuango offers a comprehensive portfolio of security, monitoring and automation solutions at no subscription or additional cost", said Hayden Hsu, European SVP Strategy, Marketing and GM.

From wireless, app-enabled alarm and video systems to remote security and energy management, Chuango's solutions are in line with today's mobility-driven lifestyle, putting complete control, convenience and visual confirmation right at the fingertips of homeowners in minutes and with a simple swipe and tap.

In addition, all security systems can be interconnected with Chuango products from other categories to provide additional security. For example, when a sensor is triggered, a colorful flashing light is turned on, providing additional awareness in the neighborhood. 

What's in demand in the residential market today is smart, simple, sleek, mobile, compact and integrated ingenuity, and that's what Chuango will continue to provide and expand. Even more SmartHome and Remote Management Options.

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