Alarm + Robot Vacuum Cleaner Set - Dirt-free Zen

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Combine safety and cleanliness in the vacuum robot set

You not only want to secure your apartment, but also want to keep it clean in a smart and easy way? Then we recommend our alarm and vacuum robot set "Dirtlessly happy". It includes the OV-300 starter kit along with our RV-500 robot vacuum. Connect all devices with each other via our DreamCatcher live app and have your apartment vacuumed when you are not in the house and the alarm system is armed.

With this bundle you get a smart hub, a door/window sensor, a remote control, our vacuum robot and our big bundle discount of €20.

▸ Smart WiFi Alarm System OV-300
1x OV-300 Smart Hub
1x Tür-/Fenster-Sensor
1x Fernbedienung
1x Adapter
4x 1,5 V AA Batterien

▸ Saugroboter RV-500
1x Ladestation
1x Installierter Staubauffangeimer
3x Seitenbürsten
1x Wassertank
1x Adapter
1x Schwamm- und Hoch-Effizienz-Filter
1x Reinigungswerkzeug (Bürste)
1x Begrenzungsstreifen
2x Wischtücher

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